What Marketing Techniques We Can All Learn From The Yacht Week

It is not often I come across a luxury brand that I haven’t seen and that I am seriously impressed with. Today I found The Yacht Week, an elegant charter company that provides weekly charters in Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, and the Caribean. I was so impressed by this company for the following three reasons;

Charter companies are everywhere but they stood out!

After attending many yachting events and tradeshows globally, it is rare to be shocked by a yachting company. The Yacht Week takes a very simple approach where people can charter for one week only, choose from a fleet, and simply enjoy time with your friends. You may say you can do this with everyone? But the simple design of the website, not having to choose from endless yachts and by using slang that makes the yachts seem more approachable, was very smart branding.



Simplicity overload

The Yacht Week sight resembles more of a premium Airbnb. When attracting your target audience it is so important you use the key traits that they have:

  • Excellent quality videos and images
  • Pages titled with the most common questions such as How It Works and What to wear?
  • A very simple step by step process on how to get started and book that someone at the age of 6 could easily complete
  • A chatbot so questions can be answered immediately
  • A clean design with on-brand colors
  • Options to read, listen or watch so you build trust with the brand


Specific target audience

Most charter companies market to friends, family, couples, dogs, and their owners… basically everyone. The Yacht Week markets to one simple target audience, simply enjoy time with your mates. That’s it!

You may feel scared about being specific but the more you can be, the better. If you want proof of this. take a look at their social media @theyachtweek and this is a fantastic example of how they are posting specifically on-brand, keeping posts young and fresh with lots of emotion and excellent quality images.



Marketing is about keeping it simple for a specific type of individual. The more yacht companies can zone in and be sure to do this, the more rewarding your marketing shall be. If you want to try and give the above below, a great way to start is asking yourself if you could only market to one person, who would they be and why?