Speaker & Lecturer

University lecturer

Teaching is an incredible skill that has allowed Melanie to guest speak at many universities such as Regents University, Derbyshire University, And Also Sunderland University. This led to Melanie now having a part-time Associate Lecturer role teaching 100+ students in the events and marketing sector, Melanie truly enjoys sharing her knowledge with students regularly.

"Melanie recently hosted the CBD awards."​

From hosting awards ceremonies to TV Interviews, Melanie is a professional speaker that truly enjoys engaging with different audiences and promoting world-class events. Melanie is available for Awards Hosting, Lecturing, or proving training on her below courses Live.

Melanie Grace hosting and presenting awards

Luxury Events Speaker

Melanie has been speaking alongside some of the world’s finest luxury brands for the past two years. Melanie covers topics that focus on Luxury Brand marketing and the Future of Luxury Events. Melanie has spoken at Porsche and also at the Monaco Yacht Show sharing her latest information.

Melanie grace speaker and London presenter