M elanie Grace is an incredibly driven and passionate entrepreneur. With an ever increasing love for building successful companies in the luxury sector.

At the beginning Melanie had a normal childhood growing up with a very supportive family and was just average in school, although her father was very academically strict, his passing away at the age of 13 led Melanie to steer away from the academic normal school days and developed her interest in Ballroom dancing, a wonderful sport that allowed Melanie to train hard and excel, although Melanie won many medals and the sport allowed the grief of her father’s passing to ease, the passion for business still remained.

From being an average student Melanie went on to excel in college studying Business Management achieving all A stars. Melanie was still dancing at this point and improving dramatically, she had been told by her dance coaches that the best opportunity was to compete abroad with an Italian dance partner who would improve her results and it would be a far better opportunity, so at the age of 16 Melanie packed her bags and went to train oversees. In the space of two years Melanie became an Italian Ballroom champion alongside keeping her studies up doing an online business diploma, at the peak of her dancing career Melanie was training 7 days a week and became a Ballroom World Finalist.

her first business was also born “Misgrace” a ballroom dressing gown company that fulfilled her business passion.

From a dancing fairytale to a struggling and very violent relationship with her dance partner, Melanie was forced to step back from the ballroom world and put her studies on hold, the stress also led to dispute with her business partner and Misgrace had to be let go.


After being incredibly heart broken and affected by this experience Melanie went on to trying dancing one last time with a dance partner from Poland, to support herself she managed to land a designing job at the world’s leading ballroom dress company Chrisanne. Self-teaching herself to do this within one week Melanie turned up to the interview with a fresh design portfolio and passion to succeed in the industry.

I t was at this time the 9-5 role seemed furthest away from Melanie’s heart, and the dancing just didn’t seem the same. With another dance partnership being terminated after just 4 months of hard work, Melanie then decided to fully follow her passion in business, something where she was fully in control.

Dedicating time to intensely study the events, social media and marketing industry Melanie decided to move to London and Founded Corporate Angel Promotions Ltd. A Premium Staffing Agency that provided promotional models and hostesses to the world’s leading luxury brands. This business has assisted the world’s finest events such as Monaco Yacht Show, Ronaldinho and Ryan Giggs international sporting events in Pakistan, DAMAC luxury property events and many more in just it’s first year.

Over the past 5 years Melanie has worked alongsdie some of the world’s finest luxury brands.

By founding Corporate Angels, Melanie travelled to over 50+ countries and has attended events such as Monaco F1, Abu Dhabi F1, geneva Motor Show, MIPIM and many more global events. This allowed her to develop key relationships with  industry leaders. The MG Group was created in 2019 and become a benchmark for future success. This group consists of Corporate Angels, Vestige Digital – A Premium Digital Marketing Agency, CA Recruitment – Providing Executive Assistants to HWN Individuals and Melaniegrace.com that offers events and mentorship to entrepreneurs. Melanie continues to work hard and has also become an Event Lecturer at Sunderland University, We look forward to seeing what happens next..