How to hold luxury brand focus groups – 3 Key Tips

Focus Groups for luxury brands can be a great opportunity to understand your target audience and understand if you should take your product to market. It is always great to hear different opinions from your consumers, however, you also have to consider that being in the luxury sector, these group may not appreciate your creativity and focus more on quantitative results and yes/no answers. Having a strong moderator and following our below tips will avoid this issue.

Case Study: In the 1950s, focus groups famously led Mattel to make Barbie one of the first adult-looking toy dolls, and in 2014, they convinced the company to introduce a new, “curvier” Barbie to appeal to a more varied audience. Today, corporations use focus groups to study and sell everything from frozen foods to summer blockbusters.

1.Ensure you identify your target audience

It is very important to have a clear idea about who you need to invite to participate. Demographics to consider include gender, age range, ethnicity, sexual orientation, postcode, religion, relationship and family status, education level, professional status/income level, and hobbies/interests.

You may wish to hyper-target i.e. Married women between 30-40 who are regular purchasers of expensive jewellery. The more you can be specific, the better. By asking your target audience about their prior experiences, views on the products and how they would improve your competitor’s products, you will begin to form different views and notice common opinions. Remember, feedback is very important but by combining this with other data such as polls and your internal team’s thoughts, you will form a more general response. Combining quantitative and qualitative data is always best.

Jobs famously said. “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

2.What Type of questions will you ask?

The purpose of focus groups is to get your luxury consumers to open up. A great way to do this is by asking open-ended questions, starting with why, how or what. By understanding the reasons behind people’s views and getting them to share their emotions, you are receiving a clearer response. Types of questions you could ask include:

Close your eyes and visualize scenes you associate with a brand
How would you position our brand in the luxury market
Show your product and gage peoples first reaction
A great way to ensure the right questions are asked, including using a great moderator. A moderator leads the group and is responsible for guiding the event from start to finish. Goof moderators ask the right questions, record all details and try to get as much information as possible from people.

Top Tip: A great way to break the ice before your focus group starts is to get your group to share an interesting fact about themselves or a hobby they enjoy, once everyone speaks first they get over the fear of “Their turn to go”.

3.How to recruit focus group attendees

It is possible to use recruitment companies to find focus group attendees or expensive marketing adverts/PR. However, with social media, there is no need to do this nowadays. Once you have identified your target audience, craft a message that explains your focus group goals and why you are inviting that individual, it is always good to offer an incentive such as payment, product/service discount or free product for their time. Remember time is the most important factor to the luxury consumer so do not waste it!

You can start by reaching out to people on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook – gage your response and be sure to improve this message as much as possible. Aim to have 8-15 people signed up to attend your group and expect 2-4 people to not attend.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips! If you require more support for your luxury brand please don’t hesitate to visit or for premium digital marketing support.