How To Grow Your Luxury Brand in 2021

It has never been more important to grow your luxury brand using the latest technology and a customized service. Follow our top tips below to ensure you engage with your luxury brand consumers and increase the value that you provide;

1. Provide outstanding service

As a luxury brand, poor service is simply not acceptable. With Millennials leading the way and purchasing far more luxury goods, they also bring with them a certain amount of impatience.

In order to provide outstanding service you must utilize technology and combine this with a human approach so your clients do not feel frustrated.. here is what we mean.
You need to foster a customer support team that is highly responsive and can act on customer needs almost immediately, not forgetting the possibility to achieve any client wishes (well as best as you can do). The secret is to implement a helpdesk platform that gives real-time data on your support team’s response rates, so you can ensure you keep improving and developing your quality of service.

Then, you can take things a step further by providing assistance before customers even ask for it by triggering live chat messages based on specific user activity. For example, if a visitor stays more than a minute on a specific page, an automated chat message pops up asking if they need any help related to what they’re viewing.

2. Offer Highly Personalized Content

Personalization has been trending for a few years, however, it has never been so important to make luxury consumers feel like they are being valued and individually addressed.

A great way to implement personalized content is by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and new marketing tools. By having a great CRM system, (Client Relationship Manager) you can segment your audience into different mailing lists and send them personalized emails and content

Geolocating is another way to personalize the customer experience and this can even be accomplished with very little input from the customer. Macy’s, Starbucks, and Sephora are using GPS technology and company apps to trigger relevant in-app offers when customers near a store. Other retailers have begun to provide sales associates with apps that generate personalized product recommendations for specific customers automatically. Businesses are finding this technology to create a 10 percent lift in incremental sales and a 5 percent increase in transaction-size growth.

3. Stay Engaged Post-Purchase

Luxury brands are always increasing their post-purchase service. So when it comes to after-sale customer support service – it’s not a question of if you should do it, but how great can you make it;

Marketing automation provides data on individual customer activity, so you can retarget customers post-purchase with content that’s even more personalized.

Let’s say a customer buys a purse, this then may follow up with a customer survey asking them about their experience in-store?
Birthdays are an extremely important opportunity for you to engage with your customers. Whether you are able to collect this data when they sign up to your newsletter or purchase a gift, a birthday email is always well received
Invite customers to your loyalty program, once a customer has tried your product or service they may be willing to become part of your brand’s family and receive great incentives. Make this program as personal and appealing as possible!