EdTech Trends In The UK

At a Glance

  • Since 2014 London has attracted $750m in Investment
  • London’s EdTech ecosystem has an estimated value of $3.4bn
  • In 2019 the UK received 39% of all European EdTech Investment
  • Since 2014 EdTech investment has grown 4.4x Source dealroom.com

Why is EdTech growing?

  • In 2019 the UK received 39% of all European EdTech Investment
  • Hybrid learning has become the new normal
  • AI has made learning more personal
  • Covid19 has transformed education
  • Learning from home is no longer just for homeschoolers

If you combine France, Ireland and Germany, London still leads the way:

London statistics

  • $0.8bn invested since 2014
  • London leads the way with 4 universities in the top 50
  • London is after San Francisco and New York, ranking third for deal flow

Source dealroom.com

“ The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the global adoption of EdTech platforms as schools, universities and employers embrace online learning. London’s EdTech companies are well-placed to meet this increased demand and today’s new research, released to coincide with London Tech Week 2020, shows London is leading the way in Europe for EdTech and is quickly becoming a major global hub. ” Laura Citron, CEO, London & Partners


  • It is incredibly hard to scale bricks and water, it has taken over 200 years to have the number of universities that we do today, EdTech provides support for students that can be scaled
  • If data is safeguarded and used appropriately, there is a great opportunity to improve the lives of millions of students
  • The EdTech sector already employs thousands of people and will grow at a much more rapid rate

Key Takeaways

  • EdTech investment has grown significantly since 2014
  • London is leading the way since 2014
  • Hybrid learning and Covid19 have greatly impacted the investment sector
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