Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn During Covid19

Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn During Covid19

Coronavirus has been a global pandemic that has affected millions of people. However, although we are all stuck inside, there must be something we can do to stay positive?


How about boosting your personal brand? Personal brands may not be a top priority but they work a treat when you are looking for a new job and expanding your network. If you have a personal brand people are more likely to contact you as you will be seen as an industry leader.  Here are three actions you can take in lockdown to build your personal brand;

Audit Your Profile


It is so important that you have clear images, updated information, and a professional look. Make sure your profile image is up-to-date and taken against a clear background. It is also important to ensure your bio is up to date with your more recent experience and achievements. You can also include the following;

  • Awards won recently
  • Great sales or achievements
  • Testimonials
  • Promotions


Focus on your expertise


If you are stuck about what to post then do not worry.

Everyone has a profession or a hobby and great knowledge someone else knows nothing about. It is your job to pick a topic ad simply share what you know, the most important thing is that you achieve clarity and get going. A few things that you can share include;

  • Great quotes
  • Articles
  • Tips and Ideas
  • Events
  • New industry trends


Create a LinkedIn SlideShare Account


With more than 400,000 new pieces of content added each month, SlideShare is the world’s largest professional content-sharing community. On an average day, nearly 4 million people visit LinkedIn SlideShare. That’s just on the desktop. Can you really afford to not do this?

If you have ever presented or created slides about your industry, this is a great opportunity to not waste them and share them with the LinkedIn community. This will drive organize traffic back to your profile.


The above tips have been shared so you can get started and improve your personal profile, this will lead to many great opportunities. Please note these tips will only work if you stay consistent. Posting 3-4 times a week on LinkedIn is a great way to start. If you feel brave don’t hesitate to use video too! For more tips please follow me, Melanie Grace. I have over 65,000 followers on LinkedIn and shared tips daily.


Author: Melanie Grace


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