How To Train Premium Event Staff

How To Train Premium Event Staff

Events are a great opportunity to engage with new customers, especially if you are investing in attending a tradeshow, this can cost anything between £1500-£100,000+ so needs to be right. Having additional event staff such as brand ambassadors or promotional models are a great way you can handle the extra stand traffic and give all of your visitors the customer service they should receive. However, not all event staff can lead to a positive result. Your full-time staff have the advantage of learning about your business for a few months or years so a brief training session is well needed with new people!


  1. Send information about your brand to the staff or agency before the event


Before the event, it is very important your event staff can look over any leaflets, brochures or company information. This is a great way to revise key information so your event staff can be more active and professional when asked certain questions. Having materials to read through and the website link is a great way to make sure everyone is a little tuned up. The most common questions include, where is the company based? What is your most popular products and information regarding price?


  1. Training is a must


Corporate Angels always have trained with our clients the evening before the event for 1-2 hours. If you do not have the ability to do this, the morning before at the stand also works. This is very important as it is a good opportunity to do the following:


  • Meet the team and learn who is who
  • Learn about the brand
  • See the products
  • Collect uniform
  • Understand event goals
  • Learn your event pitch
  • Feel comfortable with what is expected
  • Understand your exact role at the show
  • Pre-plan breaks


Please make sure everyone can take notes and has the opportunity to ask any questions at the end of your presentation. It is also a good opportunity to take the uniform for your event staff or promotional models so it is less stressful in the mornings.


  1. Create a WhatsApp


As long as this meets the agency terms and conditions and everyone involved approves, it is helpful to create a team WhatsApp group so everyone can stay updated with the most recent information. This includes documents, location information and general knowledge. The team should be connected at least 2 days before the show so everyone can get to know each other and feel comfortable asking any questions. Don’t forget to delete this group once the event has taken place!


Corporate Angels implement all of the tactics above and only work alongside premium brands. If you would like more support please don’t hesitate to visit


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