How Luxury Businesses Can Survive Coronavirus

How Luxury Businesses Can Survive Coronavirus

Global businesses have been affected by Coronavirus and most certainly the events industry. With already having MIPIM, Geneva Motor Show and the Australian F1 canceled, Corporate Angels hate to think what is next! However, the most important thing is that we are all safe. In order to keep your business going through these difficult times, follow these tips:


  1. Communicate Regularly

When you are dealing with an HNW Target audience and elite suppliers, it is almost better to over-communicate. This involves regular email updates, blogs on how to overcome this period, calls with any clients who have booked with you and have been affected. The more you can give people an idea of what is going on and how you are handling this matter, the more they will feel like you are supporting them


  1. Switch to online

Technology is incredible and a great tool we can use right now. Whether it be holding live events, auctions or networking groups this is your opportunity to stay connected with individuals. HNW may not wish to use this tool however can you get a health expert or incredible guest speaker onboard to provide people with great value? Thinking outside of the box right now is key. Great tools include Facebook Live, Meet by Google and Zoom call.


  1. Focus on your internal business

This period is a great time to work on your internal business. We all know meeting with customers and going about your day to day is time-consuming and not always productive. Use this time wisely to improve your systems, SEO (Search engine Optimization) and processes in house. HNW individuals love outstanding service so the more you can achieve faster results for them by including technology, the better.


If you would like any support at your upcoming luxury events once Coronavirus blows over, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.



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